#navigationdiv .sub {
	list-style: none;
	font-size: .6em;
	background: scroll 0%;
	background: url( no-repeat right;
	background-position: 100% -5px;

#navigationdiv .current .sub, 
#navigationdiv .select a:hover .sub, 
#navigationdiv .select li:hover .sub {
	width:530px;				/* This section of code positions the sublinks into place */
	top: 45px;
	/*background:#595f62; */

#navigationdiv .select three .sub{ background-position: 1px -5px; }
The width has to be 530px or higher, but when you hover over "FORUMS" the backyard image is to far. I want to put it in the right position.

Thanks, while you are at it check out this thread: