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    Best option for adding color to specific words in a list

    I have a list and i would like to add color to a few different words.

    The changed words will all use the same color.

    It needs to be xhtml strict.

    Things you should not do.
    <li>Please do not run with scissors.</li>
    <li>Do not swim after eating.</li>
    <li>Do not try to climb that tree.</li>

    Is using span my best option?

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    A span would probably be the best choice. Some will say that using a span is almost like using a font tag.
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    Quote Originally Posted by us3rd4n View Post
    Is using span my best option?
    Using em or strong elements would probably be the most appropriate thing here.

    Quote Originally Posted by _Aerospace_Eng_ View Post
    Some will say that using a span is almost like using a font tag.
    Personally, I would only say that if you used the style attribute since you’re still not separating structure from presentation. Otherwise, span should be fine as long as there isn’t a more specific element.
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