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    Question Frames, Tables.. What How ? ..

    Here is my new venture. Been working on a bit of Graphic Design lately and I have started to see some income from it, so i am going to start to focusing on it full time. Here is the landing page i started last night..http://adultrecruiting.com/maze/maze.htm

    I'm trying to make a page similar to this one. and can't seem to understand how it works been looking over the code and just don't gt it. never word with .asp how would i get results close to this? http://www.thecreativecomplex.com/flyers.asp

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    Hi SkipStaa (mind if I call you Skippy? ),

    OK, here’s my opinion:

    #1: Websites are made of HTML. ASP is just a server side scripting technology that can be used for creating dynamic websites, i. e. websites with user interaction like a forum or a blog or a search engine. But ASP without HTML isn’t getting you a website. So the first thing you need to do is to get some books or browse the web for tutorials on HTML and CSS. HTMLDog might be a good start, or the W3Schools.

    That also brings me to point #2: Don’t use ImageReady to automatically crate a website from your PSD. Those programs and WYSIWYG (what you see it what you get) editors aren’t doing any good to the world, especially the ones in pure graphic programs or Microsoft Office as they are adding a lot of unnecessary and strictly wrong code to your websites. The lastest version of Dreamweaver is a pretty good HTML editor but there’s nothing that can replace good ol’ hand-crafted HTML (if done right, of course).

    That would bring me back to point #1 again but I’m gonna proceed with point #3: The other website you were showing and that you are using as measure is one huge pile of crappy freakin’ bullsh!t. And people like that are promoting themselves as specialists in website design, tztz… And they talk about optimizing websites for search enginges, I can’t believe it!
    Sure, they might have got the graphic skills alright but that’s it already. When it comes to combining great design with decent website coding/development then you should rather take the CSS Zen Garden as example.

    But one step after the other. Learn about HTML and CSS and then check out those good examples. And while learning that stuff BonRouge’s website might be a good reference.

    If that’s all too much for you and you don’t have the time and/or talent to learn some HTML and CSS then I would really suggest you pay someone to do it for you. If you wanna put website design on your portfolio then you have to have professional code in the back of your websites (you can hire a “ghost coder”) otherwise I wouldn’t take you seriously as potential client.

    Good luck.
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