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    Post Probelm in scroll bars in table

    Hi Everybody,
    I am not able to get scroll bars in table, I use IE 6.0. But I am able to get scroll bars in Mozilla 1.0. I have used style="overflow: auto;max-height: 100;" in my html file.
    In mozilla,I am getting horizontal scroll bars even I have specified overflow: auto; in style. Please help me to get rid of it.
    For your reference i have attached a sample file.
    Please help me for getting scroll bars in a table using IE 6.0.
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    Hi elayappan, the only solution probably is, place your table in a scrollable div (with a fixed height and overflow property), or create two tables - first part only "thead", and second part "tbody" place again in scrollable div
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    Quote Originally Posted by elayappan View Post
    I am not able to get scroll bars in table, I use IE 6.0. But I am able to get scroll bars in Mozilla 1.0.
    Basically you are trying the get a vertical scrollbar for the body section of your table which you want to limit in height.
    tbody {
      overflow: auto;
      max-height: 100px;
    I tried your example, but in Firefox 2 I see no effect when using max-height. But I do see an effect when using height.

    I am not even sure about what is correct rendering according to standards? According to Web Devout, Firefox not ignoring the overflow property on table row groups is a bug. This makes sense to me when I read in the CSS 2.1 Working Draft that overflow only applies to non-replaced block-level elements, table cells, and inline-block elements.

    But the W3C WAI shows an example where one uses overflow: auto on the tbody element. Also, Talbot reports IE's inability to support scrolling on the tbody element as a bug.

    Perhaps some clarification is needed.


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