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    Question fluid - fixed - fluid

    Currently the width of my site is fixed at a value about 1000 and that will almost always display a horizontal scroll bar. How would i go about making the sides fluid with the center being a fixed value?

    I found a few tutorials and templates that would work with 2 columns, one fixed and the other fluid, but all of these have one of the columns a set number of pixels from one side. I can't do that if both sides are to be fluid with a fixed center.

    here is my current test:

    The gray trees should shrink with the window...

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    Your container is currently 1198px wide.

    How about instead using a container of width 824px and adding the gray trees as a centered background image of the body element?

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    Hello antipepsiinc,
    Have a look at this - http://www.nopeople.com/nopepsi/

    I changed a lot of things around. I don't like absolute positioning at all but I left it in because I lost the 100%height once and I didn't feel like messing with it.

    It validates and looks right in IE7 and FF2. I didn't look at it in IE6 over on the wifes computer.
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