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    Let the IFRAME go to a specific part of the page

    I'm sure this is JS, or just html, but I need some info:
    I will show you the diagram:
    Any help?
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    First, The use of the name attribute in that manner is deprecated. It should be <a id="one">. Note that I changed the actual value from “1” to “one” since IDs cannot begin with a number.

    I know of one way to do what but it only works in Firefox 2 based on my tests between that, Internet Explorer 7 and Opera 9. Basically, you assign an ID to the html element of the containing document and link to the the containing document via a target attribute. Thus:

    <a href="containing.html#one" target="HTML Element ID">
    I’m not sure if both documents actually get reloaded or not because Firefox has session storage which allows it to remember scroll positions. I do know of another way to do this, but it definitely results in both the containing and framed documents being reloaded.

    What you want to do is probably best done using a frameset document type. It seems to me that inline frames are primarily meant to be one‐way, unlike the frames of a frameset document.
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