I have a blog page and I want to host my Video Blog on a free server called movshare.net

Some areas I have viewers who cannot connect to youtube and the like, so I prefer to use this host to reach them.

The problem is that they add a pop up advertisements that are sold to the highest bidder, some ads are bad, they have tricky ads like "install Livid player to watch this video" "Update your Flash".

Some of the people who come to my page think its from me and follow the instructions getting malware and the like.

Anyone who uses adblockplus does not see the ads, and just plays the video. Is there any way I can pre-block them so that people without adblockplus only see the play button. I try to get people to add the program to stop the ads but people are paranoid and do not like to use the addons.

I want to allow the Video and stop the pop ups. Looking for some way to add code to my article that blocks the ads inside the iframe.

Here is a sample code I put into my web page to embed a Video

<iframe width="600" height="480" frameborder="0" src="http://embed.movshare.net/embed.php?v=b78e70c77696c" scrolling="no"></iframe>
I tried to use the sandbox commands but each one breaks the video and leaves the ads

Stop malicious ads inside Iframe for Embeded Video-problem.jpg