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    non-broswer safe font on a gradient backgruond

    Hi all,

    I am using a non browser safe font on a gradient background. The main issue that I am having with this is that if someone does not have the same font installed - it will not display the writing as I would like it to. I am thinking about pasting the image if the writing on the gradient background - but having tried a couple of times - the alignment isn't there (e.g. the image that is being pasted does not stay consistent with the gradient background). The website url is:


    The section in question is the section on top (red gradient with "DMUComputing - Contact Us written on it.

    Does anyone have any ideas about the best way for me to do this?


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    There are at least two options:
    1. Make the text a 32 bit PNG (with transparent background) and apply it as background to the headline, hiding the actual text with negative text indent (requires a workaround in IE 6).
    2. Create an image out of the text on the gradient (i. e. text plus gradient background), apply it as background to the headline, hiding the actual text with negative text indent, and then applying some top padding to the header to position the image vertically according to the actual gradient.


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