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Thread: Pixel problem

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    Pixel problem

    Its a little bit unique. I have a flash program that draws a rectangle. But the problem is, whenever I change a monitor, the size is inconsistent. Let me explain a little bit, So what I am actually doing is drawing a rectangle 37.8 X 37.8 Px. Which is equivalent to 1(one) cm. So what I do is, I simply take a ruler and measure the size of the shape (this is the objective of the program - to draw a shape 1cm X1cm in reality). I want the shape size to be consistent regardless of the monitor. Is there a workaround?

    My thoughts:

    The only way "I" can think is to put an image of size 1cm X 1cm. And then use scaleTO() method to manipulate the size.

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    How did you figure out 37.8px x 37.8px was the equivalent to one cm?

    The most common dpi is 72 meaning 72 pixels per inch. 1cm = 0.393700787 inch

    Multiply that times 72 and you get the number pixels per cm roughly.
    So 28.3px X 28.3px would be about the number of pixels in 1cm x 1cm.

    According to photoshop there are 28px in 1cm.


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