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    Multimedia and Standards

    note: This is a pretty esoteric and opinion based question as far as I understand. Unless someone asserts a definitive, ubiquitous, standard solution... I only seek peoples conjecture, brainstorm, etc.

    Lets say I have an mp3 (or video i suppose) Lecture which I wish to index in compliance with the ideology of standards, accessibility, and seo.

    Lets say after consuming this media I define 2 segments which are distinctly different. Segment A is about A, and segment B is about B.

    Is the most efficient way to 'blog' (or otherwise express this media) to separate it into 2 distinct files and post each one to a 'page/entry' with its respective metadata?

    OR Is there some 'open / free' player/standard option that would allow 'target's to be specified? for example if the 'lecture' was media.mp3 and 'subject A' was discussed @ 3:10 is there an acceptable, promotable technolgy that would allow me to create anchors which would simple point to http://tld/media.mp3#sectionA ... or at least http://tld/player?file=media.mp3;subject=A ... or http://tld/player?file=media.mp3;time=3:10 ... ?

    What is the righteous way to express non-text multimedia?
    is this something that we should push in the microformats circles?
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    Flash can actually do this as long as its an mp3.

    You can read a variable from the url or through flashvars and you can tell flash where to start the audio by referencing the variable.

    www.gotoandlearn.com has some good tutorials on flash mp3 players.

    Basically you will load a new sound using the new Sound() object, then you would attach the sound using loadSound('urltosound.mp3') and finally you would use start() giving it two numbers, where to start and how many times to loop.

    Another good tutorial on the sound object can be found here http://www.kirupa.com/developer/actionscript/sound.htm

    More info on the loadSound() function http://www.adobe.com/support/flash/a...ionary662.html
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