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Thread: Simple Script

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    Simple Script

    What is the script that says

    Total site hits
    Total Monthly Hits
    Currently Active Users

    Also is it hard to make a script that people can login to the forums from the main site??? Could someone make me one?

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    You'll have to give us some more information.
    A link to your site and to your forum.

    The other things you mentioned are server-side
    issues that mean you would need to use PHP or Perl
    to collect the data and SSI (or cookies) to display
    the data on your main page. I wouldn't spend too
    much time on it ... nobody really cares how many
    hits you have.

    Use Javascript to create a fake number that is based
    on the year,month,day to make it look like it's counting.
    Who'll know the difference?


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