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    language change selection on a website by one click

    I m not sure which forum to request this.

    I am currently building a simple website for a client. I wanted to implementing a 'button' that when clicked, is able to change the language layout for the whole website.

    I wanted to avoid duplicating the whole layout and prepare each page in different langauge layout.

    Thank you.
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    The answer is sort of "no".

    You will actually need to have content written for each language as in
    separate pages, but ...

    If you use CSS, this will become rather easy, since each page really has
    only the content. The style sheet will control the look and layout, making
    each page look the same even though the language is different.

    This is the main point behind http://www.csszengarden.com

    The very same content on every example, but the .css (CSS file) alters
    the look and layout. So you would only be duplicating the HTML part,
    not the CSS part.


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