I want to create a shared Leave Management System for employees. I want it to be built with PHP and use MySQL as the backend. I want to be able to create multiple users who can log into the site, submit vacation requests, and/or volunteer to cover previously approved vacation requests. All submissions and volunteer actions will queue until approved by the admin. Once approved they will be viewable by all users on a shared schedule page.

Iím considering building this from the ground up and Iím trying to find some simple examples to help me design the database and the site. I also considered using a pre-built, open source solution that I could modify for my needs. Iíve found a few applications online but they had too much functionality for what Iím trying to accomplish and would be too complicated for me to pare down.

So, Iím wondering if anybody ever built an application like this or if anyone knows where I could find something pre-built that would be fairly simple to modify. Thanks for any help!