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    Site isnt loading now

    Yesterday I managed to get my site (findingserenity.co.uk) live by linking the ip to my server in the dns and also changed the nameservers. This morning it just stopped working so I logged into where the domain is hosted to find it had all been wiped so I updated the details to

    as instructed in an email, heres the part that may be helpful

    Setting up a domain for hosting on your server

    To actually start using your server to host a domain/web site
    you need to create a cPanel account for the domain. To do this
    log into WHM:

    Username: root
    Password: Account password (the one you gave us)

    Scroll down to the "Account functions" section and click on
    "Create a new account", then simply fill in the form
    provided. You will then be able to upload files via FTP to the
    web hosting account using your server's hostname (rogerab1.miniserver.com) and
    you will be able to access cPanel for this account.

    Username: (username chosen when creating the cPanel account)
    Password: (password chosen for this cPanel account or root's password)

    cPanel access can be given to the end-user so they can configure
    their own site and email accounts etc.

    DNS records

    By default we have pre-configured your WHM server to use Memset nameservers.
    This means you will need to change the nameservers on any domain you wish to
    host on your server to:


    If you want to manage your own DNS servers under WHM please contact our
    technical support team. Managing DNS servers requires a good
    working knowledge of DNS.

    You will need to setup suitable DNS records using the Memset "DNS Manager".
    To access the "DNS Manager" log into your Memset account:


    In the "Add a new domain" section enter the name of the domain name you
    are adding DNS records and click "Add".

    Next you will probably want to add the following records:

    yourdomain.com A
    www.yourdomain.com A
    mail.yourdomain.com A
    yourdomain.com MX 10 mail.yourdomain.com

    If you want to have subdomains of the domain add this too:

    *.yourdomain.com A

    To view a web site before transferring the domain to our name
    servers you can use the following:


    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us
    by replying to this email.
    Any idea how to resolve this issue?

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    I'm not sure what you think we can do for you here. Isn't this something you should be resolving with your hosting company?

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    It may well be the hosting company however I wanted to verify whether or not it looked right before I contact them

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    Why is the host name of the first A record empty? Also your host would be better at telling you if its right or not. Posting your info like that opens you up to security risks. Now I know the url to your control panel AND the username. Anyone if they wanted to be malicious could just brute force the password.


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