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    Question about XML\XSLT and ASP\SQL

    Hi all,

    anyone who responds to this I will thank in advance; because it will require a bit of reading.

    First I will state my goal. I retail computer hardware online and maintain a common excel spreadsheet with all my pertinent data. Right now, my products are my biggest and most important data source because most of what I do comes via eBay. I like XML because once it is set up, I can manipulate it with excel and then still save it as an XML file. It was only recently that I realized how useful ASP with SQL could be. .XSLT is another story but I am trying to figure out which direction to go in.

    I have come to the conclusion that I just will not be happy with any website template I can find. I just obsess over how things appear on a page and require too much control. Having said that I am pretty good with HTML and CSS. I have taught myself over the last few years and would say I have a decent proficiency in both. But even with a template, I don't think that I could manipulate it with CSS in such a way that I would be pleased with how things are displayed.

    I like XSLT because it allows me to weave an HTML file around it; at least in my limited experience. SQL seems to have a much stricter way of presenting data; and I suppose I could manipulate this with SQL query commands but I am afraid I would also have to learn VB. (I have taken C++ but that was a long time ago and I remember next to nothing).

    I haven't really even looked at PHP yet.

    Right now my product list is fairly small; around 100 items... but I hope to grow that, and in time my database needs will be greater. Also; I can buy a shopping cart; but I am not sure exactly how stand alone programs suxh as Xcart even work.

    I will probably take on learning a new language\languages...but I am trying to figure out which would serve my purposes best.

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    SQL has nothing to do with presentation, it is the language to communicate with a database.

    and, er, what was your question?
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    Hey James,

    You're jumping all over the place here. I don't have a slightest clue what your question is. Could you please explain again? What are you trying to achieve?



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