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    How do i add login and password on splash page

    what's the best (free) way to add a login and password to my splash page, kind of like these guys have? https://secure.reportingsystem.com/rhone/

    most of the tutorials i've found only tell you how to build a login and password entry system that creates a login popup in front of a blank white page behind it. But i want to add the login functionality to my splash page.

    please advise. thanks!

    actually just a login, or just a password would be fine. whatever you want to call it, i guess it doesn't matter, but just one field where the visitor has to put in the correct info.
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    The tutorials are basic like that because they assume you will go ahead and take the HTML and put it into some other page, such as your splash page.

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    You have to decide on how elaborate the login-system has to be.

    1) How many people?
    2) Can they register themselves? (create their own username/password)?
    3) When they register, do you need to verify the email address with an "email confirmation"?
    4) Do you need an admin page where you can control add/edit/delete users?
    5) Do they need an email sent back to them if they forget their login?
    6) How secure does it need to be? How "sensitive/personal" is the information?

    When you say "just add a password login to your page" ... what does that mean?

    In any case, you'll be using PHP SESSIONS, so you'll need to know a bit about PHP (and maybe MySQL),
    and your web pages will either need the extension of .php, or you'll use .htaccess to
    process .html pages as PHP. Just a heads-up since you didn't post this in the PHP

    Each page of your website needs to check for valid user, and if the information is sensitive,
    you'll need a secure server. You probably need to give us more information to answer this.

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