Hello all,

I am evaluating whether or not to use for Adobe Flex 3 and ActionScript 3 for a web application that I am going to build.

This web application has a customer base and an administration panel. The changes made in administration panel are displayed on customer base.

  • The administration panel is basically going to require creation of forms, interaction between the forms, storing/retrieving the data to/from database etc. This will be used on company intranet only.
  • The customer base is going to have a lot to images which will have to displayed in a nice way, preferably with image scrolls, slide-shows etc. This site would be available on public internet.

Would it be a good idea to use Adobe flex for both of these categories or should I just use Flex for customer base and make the administration panel with some MVC-based framework like Zend or Symfony, making use of HTML templates.

Any suggestions...

Thanks and Regards