Some serious problems with IE8: Link
when IE8 detects an error which, as we’ve seen, can be invoked by certain CSS property combinations, the browser will fall-back to rendering that document (and entire domain) in Compatibility View. ... If however, you do force Standards Mode in this instance, IE8 will display a blank page.’s quite astonishing to think that it’s possible to invoke complete page blankness simply by using a combination of CSS properties.

Bug Testing

First off, let me expell some myths - a) IE8 is not fully CSS 2.1 compliant, b) passing Acid 2 does not mean a browser is fully CSS 2.1 compliant and, c) creating and passing 7000 or so of your own tests also does not mean you’re fully CSS 2.1 compliant.

If you’ve been keeping track of my IE8 bugs page, you’ll see there’s been a steady stream of additions to the list - it currently stands at 51 CSS bugs.