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    Question How to cancel the effect of a NOSCRIPT tag?

    This is mi case:

    Le'ts say there's an .ASP page where you can post messages, they are saved in some database and then it recreates a page using these messages.

    But, if someone have post a message and uses the NOSCRIPT tag, the rest of the page don't showed up (specially the part where you can erase that malicious message).

    I have a way to keep posting messages, but the NOSCRIPT tag will not allow the rest of the page to load.

    My question is: Is there a way to make this tag uselles before it is interpreted on the page?


    <!-- Is the a way to put a tag or something else here to cancel the effect of the next NO SCRIPT tag -->


    <!-- This part will not appear because the NOSCRIPT tag appearing before -->


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    If you're using ASP, why not use Server.htmlencode? Having html enabled on a forum can be dangerous


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