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    Making Site Mobile Compatible

    In terms of making a website 'compatible' with mobile devices, my understanding is that the options are:

    • more cost/time: develop a copy of the site, targeted to this specifically.

    • less cost/time: the next best to use the handheld stylesheet, understanding that different mobile devices will read it different (or not at all in some cases)

    Is that about right?

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    You would use a CSS style sheet aimed at "small screen rendering", but they are right
    about developing a copy of the site. To do it right, you would develop a site just for
    the mobile device ... that takes time of course.

    And the biggest thing is testing the site.
    You'll spend a lot of time testing on various phones, PDA ...
    making it all work correctly. So expect it to be a lot of time.

    And view the XHTML/CSS for the Flickr Mobile website....
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