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    download to excel

    I have a table that is displayed that I would like the users to be able to download to excel... this table comes up in a new window that does not have the file-edit-view menu on it. What is the easiest way to do this? I was thinking of converting it to XML, but how do I make a button that will allow the user to download a file and make the file at the same time.


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    There's a number of possible ways. What I'd do is start with a neutral data format to store the information (XML would be ideal); then you need two processes - one creates an HTML page (simple enough) and the other creates an excel spreadsheet ( .. er .. )

    Do you have a plan for server-generating Excel documents? I don't know - I'd imagine MSDN would know, and that it would involve installing IIS-server extensions.

    But server-generating a CSV file would be reasonably simple - you just parse your XML into a csv text-file which you then prompt for download.

    I can give more info on most of this (except the excel generation)
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