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    Unhappy Netscape table issue

    Ok.... fist post ever here.. so bare with me:

    I have a table on a page that acts beautifully in IE. In Netscape its fine as long as its a big browser window. But when you adj. the window size the far left column which isnt suposed to change at all, goes nuts.
    Ive striped out alot of content, and other stuff to make it simple. Ive looked at every setting i could find to define the table, and im missing something.. i think this answer is easy for someone who knows stuff.. i clearly do not...

    the page

    thanks for any help you can provide. Ive already used these boards to solve a massive javascripting problem today and its my first day.. thanks to all.


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    just a welcome® to the forum first of all...:O))) nice to read ya...hehehe...

    k.../me took just a quick® look @ your source code n' ummm /me saw just a mixture® of % n' 'set' width for tds...n' netscrap doesnt just a like® that...

    n' evvven though ya managed to just a fill® some empty tds with & n b s p ; ya stilll missed just a few® n' netscrap doesnt like thattt either...

    just a suggestion® or twooo...


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