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    how these sites make money(facebook,myspace etc..)

    Hi all geeks,
    I have a small doubt
    There r so many social networking sites like facebook,myspace,orkut etc.
    what i am wondering is how these sites make money
    For me i can observe the only source is adds
    is there any other ways so that they can reap money

    any one can tell me how they make profit with these sites

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    Like you said, ads. With facebook there is also the gifts which cost about a dollar each, and it's surprising how many people buy those gifts for their friends.

    MySpace makes tonnes of money from adverts, especially because they have the big flash ads and slightly more obtrusive ads than what Facebook and Orkut have.

    The thing about ads are, people would pay LOADS to advertise on Facebook because of how many people would see their ad. Millions of users and millions of clicks on their ads = a lot of money for Facebook.

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