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    Image Editor / Upload Image

    I have a small form on my site where users can upload there logo, I'm going to give specs like less than 300k, but I want them to be able to view what there image will look like at the size and move the logo around to where they are happy with it... Is there a simple script out there? I don't to go crazy and give them a million options that why I'm looking for something pretty straight forward...

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    Here's what I'm thinking ...

    If you were to use Javascript to do the mouse positioning of your
    logo over a background image in a <div>.

    Then a <form> with a "save" button to remember the X/Y coordinates
    of where the image was when it was saved. You could then display your
    original image and put the logo over the top in the same X/Y coordinates,
    or use PHP GD to actually make it one image (merge them).

    Sorry I don't have actual code, but this is a place to start:


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