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    CGI Help (Note, idk crap about this)

    ok, ill make this simple for me and anyone else reading this.

    i need a cgi (or w/e i need that can do his) that will process any form inputs, and save it onto the server in a file if its possible, or email it to me.

    all the tutorials i have found for this havent said crap about how to make them save the info...

    i can make the forms, there a cinch...i cant figure out how to get them to save or email the form fields somewere

    idk how to make a cgi file do what i need it to do or anything at all for that matter, and i have read like 8 tutorials on forms and cgi and none of it has helped me out...(im a see it and learn from it guy)
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    Do you really need to use CGI? Do you have ASP or PHP ability on your server? That would be easier to use. If you have PHP, I would suggest doing a simple search for a php mailing script and there are dozens out there that are pretty easy to use.
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    CGI (Common Gateway Interface) is a term usually associated with Perl (a programming language). CGI is not a programming language, but a protocol for handling data between client and server.

    But we know what you mean by CGI, (you mean Perl).

    Perl is a great language, but more difficult to learn than PHP. So Jeremy is correct ...
    look for some PHP tutorials using Google - A search like this:


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