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    How do people get images and links to not reload when some clicks a link?

    Let's say I have a header I want to use and a left column full of menus. When I click those menu it'll show something to the right column. When I click links in the right column it'll load up new data, but doesn't reload the header or menus on the left. Are they just using frames without the scroll?

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    I see a lot of possibilities:
    1. It could be done through PHP includes.
    2. You're right the page could be done through frames/iframe.
    3. The page is actually refreshing, but the header and left content is the same which might have decieve our vision.
    4. Or....it might have been this trick.

    See if it helps

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    <iframes> are the logical choice (not <frame>, but <iframe>)

    You can google it for tutorials.

    Rangana also has a good point about refreshing a page that has
    everything in the same place ... it really doesn't appear to refresh
    even though it does.

    But <iframe> will allow only a section of the page to refresh (change content).

    Others will scoff at <iframe>, but I have had no problems with SEO or browsers.
    I use them all the time ... works great.

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