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Thread: firefox problem

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    firefox problem

    I have a web page and it has a link to another page. I want the new page to open in a window with a fixed height and width. I also do not want the window to be re-sized. This I can do with:

    <a href="tradeshowevents.html" onClick="return popup(this,'DETAILS','width=700,height=635,screenLeft=1,screenTop=1, toolbar=no,directories=no, status=no,menubar=no,scrollbars=no,copyhistory=no, resizable=no')"><img src="images/Details.jpg" border="0" width="41" height="17" alt="">

    Then I want this 2nd window to have another link that open a new window
    This can be done with:

    <a href="http://www.loewshotel.com" class="eventslink" TARGET="_blank">www.loewshotels.com</a> is located at 1601 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida, 33139.<p>

    This works great in IE. But, In Firefox, there is no new window created. with "TARGET="_blank". it just displays the website, http://www.loewshotel.com, in the same fixed window.

    I would appreciate any help.
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    Try opening the new window with a different target name. What should happen is that if a window with that name does not exist, then it should be created.


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    Quote Originally Posted by lixtifur View Post
    This works great in IE. But, In Firefox, there is no new window created. with "TARGET="_blank". it just displays the website, http://www.loewshotel.com, in the same fixed window.
    In Firefox people can set in their browser settings whether targeted links should open a page in a new window or a new tab in the same window. You can’t do anything about that except using the same window.open method as you used to open the first new window (i.e. the popup). However, people can disable JavaScript and this won’t do anything in that case (as your first popup window might open in the same window without JS, too).

    To sum it up: You can’t rely on anything in the internet. There are hundreds of web browsers out there, some of which don’t even use a display (e.g. screen readers) and your website has to work with the most basic things already (i.e. no styles and scripts), and JS and CSS should only be enhancements. If those enhancements don’t work for any reason in any browser a proper fallback (alternative) should be provided and you have to live with the possibility that the best enhancements might not work in some application/device.

    The same applies to your useless source code encryption (plus it’s not nice of you to do that as it doesn’t help us in any way to help you).

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    Not only in Firefox but in IE too. Anything that takes away control from the user generally doesn't work (something which I'm proud of) and popups should be avoided anyway (have you seen a teenager on a virus infested Windows ME machine? Gods they react fast.)

    What's with that frankly annoying amount of whitespace? Not only does it make you look like you lost control of the enter key but also adds to your filesize, and therefore your bandwidth.


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