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    setting up wordpress


    I've got a domain name saeednagaria.net and freehostia account for hosting... I've got some restrictions on hosting though but very soon i will be buying a hosting plan from some reputable hosting company.

    I want to setup a wordpress blog on my domain name just like http://www.webinmind.net

    for this i have downloaded wordpress blog application and theme (SoftBlog 1.0) can anyone help me how to start and setup blog on my website.

    any help will be appreciated


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    If you haven't bought a hosting plan yet, look around. A good deal of them now have an auto install for Wordpress. Just look at the details of the package. A lot now, you just fill out some basic info and click install and it sets it up for you.

    Since your going to use a premade theme for now, it's easy once the base files are set up. If your doing it manually, check here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress

    Once it's set up you need an ftp client, then upload your themes file to wp-content/themes then log into wordpress and goto presentation, themes should be the first option. Click on the theme you want to use and it handles the rest.

    Remember, now if your makeing mods to the html of a certain theme, your doing it inside the wp-content/themes/softblog (in your case) folder not the root folders files.

    happy blogging.
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    You need a hosting plan that offers PHP and MySQL.

    I don't know if your "free" webhost offers that ...
    if not, you can't install WP (not without a MySQL account).

    Pick a webhost like www.cleverdot.com ... for only $30 per year!
    They have a "fantastico" install feature that installs WP and many
    other scripts with a click of a button ... automatically!
    That $30 /year includes MySQL databases and everything.

    There are other webhosts like that too ... I just mentioned them
    because I've used it before. Shop around and look for "fantastico"
    features that do most of the work for you.


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