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    HTTP requests, iframes, external files

    I am aware that reducing the total number of HTTP requests a page makes can reduce page loading times.

    If I have a page with a number of iframes, each of which includes an external stylesheet and an external script file, is that three requests for each iframe? Or is it only one request for each unique file?

    I have index.php, which contains iframes one.php and two.php. That's 3 HTTP requests. (I think?) If index.php, one.php, and two.php all reference stylesheet.css and script.js, is that 2 additional HTTP requests, or 6?

    Thanks to anyone who helps me understand.

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    The total number of HTTP requests would be:

    1 for index.php
    + 2 for the iframes
    + 3 for the stylesheets in the iframes and index.php
    + 3 for the javascripts in the iframes and index.php
    = 9


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