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    One IP, Multiple websites and 2 servers

    I'm trying to figure out how I would host 20 or so websites using one static IP address and 2 servers, on a network behind a router.

    I think I have edit the Apache config files, but that's driving me crazy. Is there any other easier way?

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    Is there any other easier way?
    not really, you need to google for 'virtual host directive' or 'apache virtual hosts' , its really quite easy once you have done it once.

    Your router will need to be setup to forward ports 80 and 443 (if you are using ssl) to the computer running apache, most modem/routers have port forwarding or a DMZ feature.

    You did not mention if you are going to be running DNS and email for these domains etc which is a different/bigger subject.
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    Are you trying to do load balancing or does one server do http and the other mail/mysql/dns?
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