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    New MooTools 1.2 Site

    I discovered that mooTools has redone their site for the release of mooTools 1.2 when going there to get a code snippet. I have to say that I dislike it. The old color scheme, in my opinion, fit it better, and the demos were so much better! The new, current demos page isn't hardly as nice as the old. If I didn't know better, I would say that it was a whole different team of developers who made the current one.
    Quote Originally Posted by Old Advanced Slider Example
    Slider 2 has 5 (5px) of offset option, you'll see the knob going outside the slider because of the offset.
    Quote Originally Posted by New Advanced Slider Example
    With the Slider it is damn easy to create stuff like an RGB-Color Selector which actually looks good.
    Luckily they kept a copy of their old demos, and I was able to get my snippet, only to find that they had gotten rid of the mootools 1.11 download, so that I couldn't use it. That is to say, they got rid of the download page, I had to find it manually.

    Also, look at this:
    1.2 has a completely updated API and is not compatible with 1.11 code. You can, however, utilize the compatibility layer that has been built to make the transition to 1.2 easier.
    Sounds like you would have to completely redo your codes and learn a new API if you wanted to update to the next version.

    And on top of all that, gone is their beautiful menu on the homepage with the sliding effects.

    Overall, I don't particularly like this update.
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    I can just agree with you 100%. I have nothing to add there.


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