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    Flash-php-mysql login system misbehaving

    hi everyone,

    I've been following this tutorial:

    which I realise is scaringly old, but somehow JUST what I need. I can't really get i to work though. I've searched the forum and a couple of other people have had this problem too, but none of them have been online for 6 years lol. I hope you can help me.

    The problem is the login-part of the script. There is no problem registring new users, and the "forgot password"-part gets the secret question without a hazzle, so it must be able to connect to the database fine, but when I try to log in, using the user I've created I get the "user name or password are invalid". Even if I change the password with the "forgot password" functionality and copy-paste in both username and password - still the same error.

    Can someone please help me get this otherwise awesome script to work?

    Thanks in advance,

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    yeah the script returns a chunk of white space and i couldn't find how to strip it out. Did you see my post on sephiroth?


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