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    Simple problem but still need help

    I am really new to actionscript, so be kind.

    I want to know how to gotoAndPlay once you click on a button. no matter what i try i must be doing it wrong because it just starts playing it automaticly once i test it. And i want to know how to do this without using the action directly on the button. thanks in advance.

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    Hi... I've had difficulty understanding what you're asking. Difficult to describe problems isn't it... it's possibly the hardest bit.

    Generally, all swf's default to play automatically so you have to tell it to not do that. In your first frame you need a bit of ActionScript:


    This stops the movie from playing automatically. There are other ways of stopping a movie from playing straight away, but this is a really simple direct way.

    Hope this helps, best of luck.


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