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    (cs3)(as2) multiple chooses generationg one specifik movie


    I want to build a specifik thing in flash, and don't really know where to start....

    Say I have:
    3 images of 3 three different squares
    3 images of 3 three different triangles
    3 images of 3 three different circles

    The first thing you see is Square 1, Triangle 1 and Circle 1. If you were to click on Choose Square, Square 2 will appare in Square 1s place. If you click on it one more time, Square 3 will appare, and then round again to Square 1. Same thing for all the shapes.

    When you're satisfied with your selection of shapes you click OK and then you get to see a movie, based on whatever choices you've made. Because there are 3 different shapes and 3 different objects within each category, there will be 9 different movies to watch (3x3=9)[Edit: or 27?].

    One example of how this could turn out is:
    Square 1 + Triangle 1 + Circle 1 = Movie 1

    Another one could be
    Square 2 + Triangle 2 + Circle 2 = Movie 6
    I think my attached image will help explaining it. www.jonassvensson.com/generate9movies.jpg

    I guess I have to use some sort of IF and ELSE.. but I don't have to much practice with that so any help I could get would be of great value to me.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails (cs3)(as2) multiple chooses generationg one specifik movie-generate9movies.jpg  
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    Alright, where to start. Well I think first you need to be able to save the selection into an array that will be later played.

    Its really hard to give advice on this, because I would have to start writing a whole tutorial on this. So I don't know your level of AS skill, but I would start with a multidimentional array that is filled like so


    or some other data scheme, but whats important I think is being able to take out these values and have it play this movie. Then I would worry about the selection process.
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