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    importing a div from another page

    I know absolutely nothing about javascript or any *real* kind of scripting. My "coding" abilities do not go beyond html and batch files. Though I did manage to customize a copy/paste thumbnail image viewer script to display different text below each different picture. (hahahahaha)

    I have a hunch that someone here can help me out. Hopefully, someone might be kind enough to do so.

    Here's my problem. I am working on a website for my DF2 A&D squad. We have a server who's current info can be found on this page:

    I would like to import some of the source code from that page (namely a certain link tags (title="") attribute, but I realize that this is a pipedream since the free host server that our website is on doesn't support cgi/perl or php.

    Since I can't do that, however, I would glady settle for importing one certain div from that page. This one:
    <div id="theContent">
    (blah, blah, div contents here)
    I have a feeling that it can be done with a "hidden" iframe to load the above-linked page, then a innerhtml or getelementbyid-somethin-or-other. It's just way beyond me. I would be extremely appreciative if someone could help me out with how to do this.

    Thank you just for taking the time to read this.

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    I have a feeling that it can be done with a "hidden" iframe to load the above-linked page,
    Only if the page in iframe has the same domain, otherwise you may try an ActiveX/XMLHTTP solution.

    See: http://www.codingforums.com/showthread.php?t=46088
    Offshore programming


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