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    Learning Programming: Challenge me!

    Hi, all im new to the forums, and am quite new to the world of programming.

    I have good knowledge of web design/3d art, but have decided to expand my knowledge to the world of programming.

    I have a bit of knowledge with VB as well as PHP. I understand:


    Having just completed a fully functional news script with php, and creating a tic tac toe game in VB, i am looking for my next challenge.

    I would like to have someone give me a challenge using either of the above languages.

    What im looking for is: a set of guidelines/requirements for a project.

    Let me know a good program i should write and give me what it must do/functions it should have.

    I think this will be the best way for me to learn (hands on). Thanks!

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    Ok, a project I would find interesting to take on, if I had the time for it:

    Using what language you feel like:
    - Make a CSS2.1/CSS3 parser which exposes the stylesheets through <http://www.w3.org/TR/SAC/> to applications using it. (No rendering included, only parsing.)
    - Give it a validating mode for CSS2.1, in which it reports what errors exists in a stylesheet and what data is valid.

    See: <http://www.w3.org/TR/2003/WD-CSS21-2...rammar.html#q2>
    liorean <[lio@wg]>
    Articles: RegEx evolt wsabstract , Named Arguments
    Useful Threads: JavaScript Docs & Refs, FAQ - HTML & CSS Docs, FAQ - XML Doc & Refs
    Moz: JavaScript DOM Interfaces MSDN: JScript DHTML KDE: KJS KHTML Opera: Standards

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    How about improving on one of your existing projects.
    Is your tic-tac-toe game for one or two players?
    If it's for two-player then you could try making some AI for it, so you can play against the computer. Try making different difficulty levels, with the hardest level being unbeatable.
    And you could also add a feature for network-play.

    Another thing you could do is find an application or game you know and you think you could make, and make a clone (VB snake maybe?).


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    We had to make a game for software last year ... Towers of Hanoi. I made mine in OpenGL , but most people used VB for it.

    You might want to have a go at it!
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