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    Key Listen C#/C++

    I am trying to make a global 'hot key' for use in my SQL- I have to do a lot of scroll-to-bottom=>highlight text=>paste=>save=>close
    So my thoughts were to make two of my function keys do this so
    F4 => scroll to bottom
    ... use mouse to highlight ...
    F5 => paste,save,close

    instead of having to do ctrl + V, ctrl + S, click 'X'

    I have found 'how' to listen in C++, and I am right now thinking of doing in C++; however, I have not done C++ in a while. I was looking for something in C# but the Key enum is part of forms class and while I can make re-make it or reference the namespace, it seems like all the keyboard interaction is for use in forms. I wanted to run a background console hidden. Even the API for RegisterHotKey (or whatever it's called) is form based.

    Does anyone know if there is a C# that does not use forms?

    Along with that,
    Does anyone know the processor impact for running a form hidden VS a console hidden (if it won't cause a problem then I can just run the form hidden)

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    I think, you will need to p/invoke a WinAPI function.
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    For C# you should have a look at global hooks and the getasynchkeystate() function


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