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Thread: Batch file help

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    Batch file help

    Hey everyone got a question for you that I would appreciate some help with.

    I currently have a website that I use for work that I can log into and dowload files from the eRoom. I have mapped this site to my computer so I can drag files over to my computer easily. However I thought about writing a batch script to transfer all the files from the site to a directory on my pc. The key thing that I wanted it to do though was to check for previous versions of the files and only download the new ones/changed ones from the eRoom. That way I could run the script say everyday so that I always had all of the files located on the eRoom.

    I have written commands like this with xcopy but xcopy does not support this type of sitiuation.

    Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

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    Just get a decent download manager. When I was on Windows, so long ago, Flashget was the best around and I swore by it. I'll bet it still is. If the server makes a directory listing Flashget will get the files for you. You can also just select the ones you want and it will get them.


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