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    putting an nlp algorithm into code

    This is what I need to do. I downloaded nltk, I want to access all the files. I came up with a few mathematical formulas I want to be put into code.

    I want the code to analyze the text that nltk has with this formula.

    i = (r)n*y
    p = ((i...)*y)
    a = ((...i)*y)
    u = p + i + a

    rawinput == i
    for all u containing i, find most probable u (r + 1)
    print most probable u.

    i = item
    r = # of response (# of sentence)
    n = variable for any symbol
    y = variable for any positive integer including 0
    p = presumption
    a = assumption
    u = unit of knowledge

    the ...'s stand for "preceding" and "followed by"

    I need to implement this code in python.
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