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    Question Why is the constructor of my Iterator class PRIVATE within my List class? [C++]

    I am working on an assignment where I need to implement my own templated Linked List with a corresponding Iterator class, and one of the requirements has me a little confused...
    Within the public section of the LIST class I define my ITERATOR class and there is a requirement that its constructor be PRIVATE find below the code itself.

    template<typename T>
    class List
       class Iterator
       friend class List<T>;
          Iterator() : current(NULL), List(NULL);	// default constructor
          ... all the operator overloads ...
          Node<T>       *current;
          const List<T> *List;
          // ??? private constructor. Why? ???
          Iterator(const List<T> * List, Node<T> *p)
             : List( List ), current( p ){}
    So, I can't seem to explain why the iterator non-default construtor has to be PRIVATE - the course tutor said because it needs to be a singleton but I don't see why that is the case, it is my understanding that you want to be able to create multiple instances of iterator for the same like (like a [first,last) combo for example) - so how does this make any sense?

    Any help or hints would be much appreciated, anyone have a clue why the constructor needs to be PRIVATE?

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    Well the reason it would be private is that you only want the user to create an iterator for the list by calling a function on the list that returns an iterator for that list. A singleton is a whole different thing (though they do have private constructors too) and not related to iterators.

    That's just one approach, you could make a more generic iterator that wouldn't be a sub class that you could pass it a list and it would create an iterator for it. In that case you wouldn't have a private constructor.

    Does that make sense?


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