I made an MDI program, and im trying to take another program ive made in the past and open it in the main container. So i added existing item into the program. and i added the appropriate code into the source (nameofthemain.frmcontainer parent) like all the other mdi children, then after the initialization (this.mdiparent = parent)

then on the button to open the program:

            //create a new instance of the child form
            Name_of_main.NAME_OF_THE_FORM_I_JUST_IMPORTED name = new name_of_the_main.NAME OF THE FORM I JUST IMPORTED(this);
            //show the form
the problem is "the name of the form i just imported" wont show up, so i need to refrence it somewhere? all the other mdi children work, but thats because i created them in the document. this program i imported by add existing item. the program and code are there and nothing looks like its wrong, ive just run out of ideas.