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    [C/C++] Output repeating numbers as n^b

    I am trying to take my output for a prime number say for example for the number 135 I get 3 3 3 5 and I would like to output it as 3^3 5. Another example would be 612 which I would want to output as 2^2 3^2 17.
    I am just looking for a pointer in the right direction. I want to code this myself.

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    It's a bit difficult to get you started on this problem without also getting you finished, as the solution is very short. But, to be vague:

    Handle one factor at a time, beginning by taking out as many 2s from the input number as you can and then working up with the remainder.

    Make use of modulus (% operator) to test whether one number is a factor of another


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