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    Question AMD 64-Bit 3500+ PC Motherboard Change problem|help

    i bought a new AMD 64bit 3500+, first i used VIA motherboard, then Switched to ASUS A8-VN MB, it has onboard NVIDIA 6100 graphics. I uninstalled VIA RAID and installed NVIDIA drivers. But after restarting the VIA RAID was still there and now i think its making my PC run slower. Any idea for a clean removal.
    The fact is my PC was faster with VIA MB, but ASUS MB specially made for this processor.

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    I would need you to explain a little more if poss.

    i.e. Are you RAID?? If you had a VIA MB before but now have ASUS but still have VIA RAID i imagine its an addon raid controller???

    From reading your post again i get the impression that its software raid rather than hardware, if this is the case then uninstall the drivers manually and install the nvidia drivers fresh.

    If you have onboard array controller, (i wouldent of though you would have VIA raid on an asus board) so im probably off key here, but if its onboard hardware raid you can disable it in the bios.

    hope that helps

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    I would imagine that your VIA RAID is simply the controller ASUS chose to use on that main board (the main board uses an nVidia nForce chipset, but that doesn't mean individual controllers may not be from other manufacturers).

    I know my main board (also mady by ASUS) has two different RAID controllers, one of which is made by VIA. It also comes with VIA software raid drivers if 4 PATA + 4 SATA is not enough RAID for you
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