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    1 email going to several

    Is there a way, to make 1 email, go to several? I am being hosted on a Cobalt RAQ4. Is there any type of program, email client, or something, so that if I email my employee, it will go to all 3 employees? thanks!

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    to send to multiple addresses, simply separate the addresses with a semicolon


    smith@aol.com; jones@msn.com; johnson@yahoo.com

    if you don't want them to see each-other's email addresses, use the line titled BCc (blind carbon copy)

    if you save their email addresses in your address book and give them all a name, you don't have to type out their address every time you want to send them an email

    if you saved jones@aol.com in your address book as Jones, simply tpye Jones into the address (or BCc) line, and it will know who to send it to...again, to send to multiple addresses, separate the names by semicolons

    Jones; Smith; Johnson

    Does that help??
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