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    The Designer & Programmer: Team/Relationship[Advice]

    To begin, I hope this doesn't read as desperate or violate any rules (I read them.) Also sorry if this is the wrong section, it was my best guess.

    In short(if you don't want to read the explanation), I want to know: how common is there a partnership between designers and coders?
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    Basically, I'm a graphic designer and illustrator. I've picked up a few books in the coding genre, I took a little introductory programming class and I guess then I'm alright on the basics.(As far as what can and can't be done.) The thing is I just don't like code and it doesn't always click with me.

    Typically I'd be fine with that, but pretty regularly I can mock up what I think would be a pretty rad web design, interface, or just something random. Then the problem arises, I have no clue how I would make it real. I know a lot of designers do this just as hobby, but I wouldn't mind taking a step up and actually making some stuff real once in a while.

    Or sometimes I get a client for a a website and I want to do some amazing design "thing" but I can't quite grasp where to put the margins or something to make it right. (I mean, it took me forever to figure out that text indent:-9999px thing.)

    Anyway, I have way more experience as a designer than I do with any code so that's where I feel most comfortable, and heard about how some coders pair up with designers pretty often. Is this true or false, if it's true, any advice how I might go about trying that out?

    The solution may very well be for me to suck it up and somehow find time to learn all the code stuff, but I just don't see if that's very possible for me right now.

    Thanks for your help, by the way I have nothing but respect for coders/programmers. The work is always fascinating. Thanks for your help.
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    Well programmers usually only use designers if they are horrible with designing. To give them a visual of what to make.

    Generally it's pretty useless because designers tend to go all out and make a very complex layout and beginner/mid level programmers have a hard time making.

    It's easier in my opinion to just start from blank, design something and then tweak it to perfection. I am a programmer myself and I've never used a designer.

    I suggest learning HTML and CSS. Those tend to be the easiest to learn and understand. PHP, Javascript, etc is way way harder to learn.
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    I'm a learning developer (college student) who may be interested in pairing with a designer... particularly for tumblr designs. If you wanted to send an example of your work to me (you can watermark it up or whatever, I'm not gonna steal it ^^ ) and I can think about it. I don't feel comfortable yet with complex designs but the beautiful thing is tumblr is about simplicity. The main reason I would want to do this is because I want to work on my developing skills and cant be bothered spending time on the designing process (and whats the fun in developing a website that looks like crap). I'm also working on an intermediate web app by myself (already did the designs) so as I progress on that I may open up to bigger projects. Just depends what you have in mind.

    Anyhow, I think most web development firms hire designers to work with their developers - correct me if I'm wrong.
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