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OPOS Point of Sale Keyboard

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by , 04-15-2014 at 10:25 AM (4020 Views)
Have just posted this to the Javascript forum to try to achieve something which I have been having some trouble with...

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Hey All,

We have a KSI point of sale keyboard with 40 pos buttons at the top of the keyboard which are programmed with OPOS keyboard codes.

We also have a web-based javascript-driven point of sale program which we want to interface they keyboard with. We need to be able to detect when an OPOS key is pressed to run specific functions based on those keys. We don't mind if we need to interface the keyboard through a java applet embedded on the page or directly through javascript but all of the research I have been able to do online has not yielded any information on detecting OPOS keys in the web browser, the only thing we have been able to find online about javascript and OPOS is OPOS-enabled barcode scanners and OPOS-enabled thermal printers, both of which need to use java applets to interface with javascript.

Any help or guidance with this would be much appreciated.

The above is for a project we are currently working on internally to create our own custom point of sale system.
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