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Having a Blog and Game Design.

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by , 03-14-2014 at 03:13 PM (831 Views)
Blogs are cool. Especially ones involving cool geek stuff.

For example, Game Design! I am going to use this as a push to get a Game Design section of the forum.

So, until or if we get one, I am gonna post about random facets of Game Design, starting today with Dominant Theory.

Dominant Theory is the methodology of the weapons you give to a player, and the motivation forthwith for them to use the weapons.
If you give a character a nuclear bomb, and a pistol, and add no limitations, usually they will use the Nuke exclusively, as it makes the game easier and eliminates challenge.
This defeats the main point of playing most games, playing a super easy game is no fun.
So you need to put down restrictions on ultimately powerful weapons. By far, the most popular means of doing this is of course, ammo constraints.
By straight up physically limiting them, you can ensure that your game retains it's difficulty level whilst still giving your player the occasional option of a powerful escape tactic.

This builds into escapism. You want your player to enjoy combat, not rationalize it purely for the necessitative use of an all-powerful attack.
So, in theory, Dominant Theory should never be a problem as long as your player actually enjoys combat and is not forced into too many combat situations.

Next time I'll talk about over-saturation of combat scenarios.