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    Creating A History


    I was wondering if anyone knows how to create a history of something. For example, a Client. I want to create a history of changes that were made to a client record. If someone changes his address or phone, etc. How do I record the changes that are made? Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly apprecieated.

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    Well you seem to be going further than I ususally do. But you asked for any ideas and suggestions.

    I often add a few record-tracking fields to the bottom of most tables. And then whenever code in a Web page adds or edits a record I have it call a function something like this:

    ' Set rec tracking var.
    Call SetRecTrack(objRS, "Cust")

    Function SetRecTrack(pobjRS, pstrTablePrefix)
    ' Purpose: Set rec tracking flds.

    ' Set var.
    pobjRS(pstrTablePrefix & "EnterUserID") = Session("UserID")
    pobjRS(pstrTablePrefix & "EnterUserLevel") = Session("UserLevel")
    pobjRS(pstrTablePrefix & "EnterIPAddr") = Request.ServerVariables("REMOTE_ADDR")
    pobjRS(pstrTablePrefix & "EnterDt") = mvarOrgCurDt
    pobjRS(pstrTablePrefix & "EnterTime") = mvarOrgCurTimeExclSec
    End Function
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