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    Very basic Q: If IIS displays the ASP source code through the browser...

    Hi All

    This is such a basic q... My client's techies have set IIS up on a Windows 2000 box. They've set the site up on IIS but when browsing to it, the actual ASP sourcecode is displayed as opposed to the correct output.

    They say they've tried everything, and followed my instructions explicitly.

    My first thought is that its an IIS setting issue and that IIS is simply not executing the code?

    Am I right? Any ways to fix this without going through to their location?

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    This same thing happened to me when I installed IIS on my machine for testing ASP pages. (You can add it yourself. It should be on the disc or in the system at add & remove software). My poroblem was the localhost didn't see the directory so I was looking at the code, not the result. The solution was to reset the virtual directory. Apparently there was something wrong with the alias I chose for the virtual directory. Once I made the change the pages were executed properly. Other than that I don't know what else to suggest. I'm not that knowledgeable with IIS.

    Good luck.
    Scott Stewart
    Always happy to learn from pros.


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