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    Absolute Poll Manager ASP Issue

    Hi, Can anyone please help setup this poll manager by xigla. I believe I've setup it correctly, but under poll preview no data is displayed, yet I can see the data displayed under zone in the admin backend. There is javascript code you can embed in a web page to bring up the poll, and the same happens. No data is displayed under the poll code, but I can see data under the zone code in the front webpage end.

    I've spoken with the developers and they want to charge me $200 (US), to resolve the issue. The product is free to download from their site, and I believe it's an error in the downloaded code. I've informed them of this, but I believe they are being pretty arrogant and saying its not.. The instruction are really simply in setting up the ASP Poll either for sql or access database.

    The scripts can be downloaded here for free ... http://xigla.com/absolutepm/order.asp

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    So you are expecting somebody to download that code, install it on their own system, try it out, and debug it if and when it doesn't work? And you think $200 is too much for all of that? I usually charge $70 an hour for working on other people's software, just because of the pain and trouble you have noted. Heck, I probably wouldn't charge much more than $200 to write an ASP-based poll from scratch; it would probably be easier than trying to fix somebody else's ugly code.

    At a minimum, you should give us a link to your current non-working installation. So that if there is something obviously wrong we can tell you, rather than having to go through all the above.

    If it's something I can help with in, say, half an hour, I'd do it. But 3 or 4 hours of work???
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